Taoist Self Healing Hands Massage

Healing Hands Massage – Taoist Self Massage

When most of us think about massage we primarily think of relaxation, stress relief or perhaps just pure indulgence when on holiday or need that bit of pampering.

When we discuss Healing Hands Massage or Chi Self Massage we leave behind the concept of purely muscle manipulation and instead we focus also on manipulating our Chi (internal energies). It is believed that this movement and manipulation of the Chi aids the strengthening and rejuvenation of our internal organs and the sensory organs i.e. skin, tongue, eyes, ears and nose. This Healing Hands Massage not only manipulates muscles but directs the Chi to areas of our body for the purpose of healing.

Healing Hands Massage History

For more than 5000 years this Taoist practice was a heavily guarded secret, only being passed down from the Master to Student. Often each Master was unaware of the full method and was required to learn more techniques from another Master and vice versa. This strategy ensured that no one ever knew if he/she had actually gained the full Taoist knowledge of Chi Manipulation.

It was Master Mantak Chia, who determined that these methods should be widely accessible to everybody, rather than the privilege of a few. He claims that during his research of Chi Manipulation, and lessons from other Masters, he had pieced together the entire system of Taoist self-massage and drawn it up into a logical routine. It is said that these methods are the factors in the youthful appearance and abundant good health shared by Taoist Masters.

Healing Hands Massage

Master Mantak Chia – Healing Hands Massage

Healing Hands Massage Concept

The prevailing theory that is the basis of Chi Self-Massage is the balancing or eradicating of negativity and stress. It is believed that negative emotions and their energy is the cause for decline of function and any ill-health within the body’s organs and nervous system.
Taoist Masters state that through daily practice of the following 5-10 minute regime you are able to strengthen your senses (vision, hearing, and taste) as well as clearing stored toxins from the internal organs and relieving stress and clearing stored negative emotions. It aids a healthy complexion and for those in relationships, or looking for one, increases and improves libido!

Master Mantak Chia went on to write many bestselling books based upon Chi massage, with his most widely read and distributed entitled “The Multi-Orgasmic Man and Sexual Reflexology”.

Before I leave you with the Healing Hands Massage I attach a quote from Felice Dunas.  It is flippant but universally true and shows what storing negative emotions truly does to us as people!

healing hands massage


Healing Hands Massage Technique

The following are the recommended massage points and techniques:

Face Massage

Imagine washing your face with gentle circular motions. Using the palms of your hands rub your face 18 times in a continual clockwise circular motion, then repeat 18 times anticlockwise.

Ear Drums

Cover your ears with the center of your palms. Your fingers flat against and pointing towards the back of your head. Now cross your index finger on top of your middle finger and make a whipping motion (your index finger tapping against your middle finger). Do this 36 times – you should feel the vibration in your eardrums.

Eye Massage

Gently place the heels of your palm on your closed eyes, fingers pointing up. Gently massage in a circular motion – 18 times clockwise, 18 times anticlockwise.

Teeth Massage

With your mouth closed gently, but firmly, tap with fingers – 18 times top front incisor area, then 18 times top molar area, 18 bottom front, 18 bottom back. Use both hands and in unison with each other.

Nose Massage

Using your thumbs – insert into nasal cavity and massage the nasal partition (the middle) with upward and downward movements 36 times.

Kidney Massage

Place your palms on top of the kidney area and gently press in and down, release, then in and down – 36 times

Intestinal Massage

Place your left hand over the right hand palms down on your belly button and gently massage with firm slow circular movements 18 times clockwise. Then place right hand over the left hand, palms down and repeat in anticlockwise direction 18 times.

Soles of the Feet Massage

Place your left barefoot on your right thigh. Massage the sole with your right hands fingers. Rub forward and back from the bridge (where the toes begin to the heel) firmly 36 times. Then switch right foot onto left thigh and use left hand fingers.
This is to be done as firmly as you are able.

While this massage is based on the meridian system and acupressure/acupuncture points there is no need to worry about the exact locations. Focus on the treatment as detailed above and your movement will stimulate the entire bodily energy or Chi.

As always I’d love to answer any questions and read your comments.  If you do try the Healing Hands Massage please let me know your thoughts.

My best wishes and blessings.


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