Treat anxiety with aromatherapy massage

Treating Anxiety Naturally With Aromatherapy Massage

There are many methods for treating anxiety naturally and in this series of articles we will look at many.  Of course rating in most popular would be aromatherapy and holistic massage. Therefore it should come as no surprise that our first article will combine the best of both! Enjoy treating anxiety naturally with aromatherapy massage. […]

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How Does Crystal Healing Work? Find out here…

How Does Crystal Healing Work? Crystals and their use in healing has a long tradition.  The Aztec,  Roman and ancient Egyptian civilizations all have recorded history of utilizing natural healing crystals.  Today, seen as a pseudo science, there are still many people who use natural healing crystals and swear by their effectiveness and health giving […]

3 Step Method To Awaken Kundalini

3 Step Method To Awaken Kundalini

कुण्डलिनी – Awaken Kundalini in 3 Steps In this article the 3 step method to awaken Kundalini we will firstly examine what Kundalini energy is and the steps required to ensure a safe and controlled awakening. Kundalini is derived from ancient Sanskrit and means “the coiled one” and is often shown as a sleeping coiled serpent […]

alleviate anxiety with aromatherapy massage

What is an Empath?

In this post we look at the question “What is an Empath?”  The urban dictionary definition states: Empath: A person who is capable of feeling the emotions of others despite the fact that they themselves are not going through the same situation. Empath: The root of the word comes from Empathy. Jane has empathy for […]

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