Therapies and Services

Reiki - Energy Healing
Reiki Energy Healing Session. 60 minutes with Reiki Master Teacher Jason Baigent. Experience the power of Reiki.
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Reiki Practitioner Level 1 Training
Wish to become an accredited Reiki practitioner. Level 1 training and Attunement available.
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Reiki Practitioner Level 2 Training
Continue your training towards becoming a fully accredited Reiki practitioner. Level 2 training and Attunement available.
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Reiki Practitioner Level 3 Master Training
The final stage training to become accredited Reiki Master practitioner and teacher. Level 3 Master training and Attunement available.
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Crystal Energy Healing
Experience the amazing effects of crystal energy healing and chakra alignment. Feel refreshed, balanced and spiritually uplifted.
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Tarot Reading
Receive a Tarot Reading specifically focused upon your question, concern or issue. A unique tarot reading which offers insight as well as healing energies for positive outcomes.
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A unique and thorough reading. Your reader will analyse your dominant hand (conscious mind and current/future life), your non dominant hand (subconscious mind, karmic life and hereditary traits) as well as hand shape, skin texture, lines and mounds and produce a very detailed report.
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Gain an in depth numerological report of over 25 pages. Find out what your numbers mean, the impact they have on your life, how to use your unique numbers for your benefit, ensure harmonious relationships and love. Discover your life path and soul destiny. Your numbers are unique to you and can truly provide a guide to enable you to achieve all that you were meant to achieve.
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Aura Reading
Have your Aura read, and drawn, and gain insights into your character, your colour combinations and any important energy combinations that may impact your health and well-being. Discover how to balance and align your chakras leading to greater harmony and self love and discover how you can use your distinct energy combination to enhance every fact of your life.
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